Agave Syrup


The Agave Syrup process at MCA starts with the selection of the agave entering to the plant with the age of 5 years to 7 years at the moment of the harvest, subsequently it is milled and then the sugars are extracted. A raw juice is obtained which is subjected to the purifications processes removing the dissolved solids different from the sugars.  The Agave inulin is divided until the obtaining of fructose and glucose, this process is known as hydrolysis.


Agave Inuline


For the inulin process as well as the agave syrup starts with the selection of the agave entering to the plant; however, the median age from the sowing to the harvest may range from 4 to 6 years old, which passes through the grinding and then the extraction of the inulin. The components of the agave other than fructans are carefully separated in several stages until obtaining an agave juice clarified with almost intact inulin molecules, which passes to the vacuum evaporation resulting in the liquid form at 70 °Bx.


For the agave inulin in solid form, the liquid inulin is passed through a spray drying to obtain a fine powder with a maximum moisture content of 5 %.


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