Sweetener: The main advantage is that it has more sweetening power compared to the sucrose.


Flavor enhancer: It improves and enhances the flavors of other food such as fruits and nectars, allowing the maneuverability in the products formulation.


Easy assimilation: Due to its high fructose content it does not require of fructose in the first stages of its metabolism.


Hygroscopicity: Improves the retention power of moisture in the food.


High osmotic pressure: It allows the microbial growth inhibition leading to stability in its shelf life.


High fermentability: The types of sugars contained are easily digested by the yeast in the different fermentation process.



Prebiotic activity: The main advantage is the promotion in the growth and development of the intestinal flora.


Soluble fiber: Since it is not digested in the intestinal tract, it helps to promote the intestinal transit.


Calcium uptake: It assists in the calcium uptake and therefore the strengthening of bones.


Neutrality of taste: Due to the purification processes, which are subjected, its neutrality in the taste facilitates the use in the dairy products and beverages.


Fat substitute: Due to its ability to form gels which contributes to give texture, it may be used as fat substitute.

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