Agave syrup

Agave syrup

This product is extracted from the Agave which is purified until the obtaining of the Agave syrup with a concentration of  75 °Bx.


The Agave syrup is a sweetener of rapid metabolism which intensifies the tastes of the food such as fruits and nectars, and has a low-glycemic index.


The taste of the agave syrup is sweet, of neutral flavor and the color ranging from yellow tonality, varying according with the client requirements.


 The presentations may vary as the client requires, we enlist the following examples:


- Gallon (5,6 kg)


- Bucket (25,5 kg)


- Drum (285,0 kg)


- Carton tote  (1350.0 - 1370.0 kg)


- Plastic tote (1350.0 - 1370.0 kg)


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