At MCA, we are committed with the environment and community, we believe in the importance of protecting and preserving our environment through good practices, from the Blue Agave fields, production processes, to the final product

We take care of our soil with fertilizers made from natural organic ingredients to maintain our Agave's health, guaranteeing they are grown in the best conditions.

Our processes ensure food safety and our environmental commitment.

We use green technologies.

We recycle 85% of packaging materials.

We optimize the water used in our processes.

We care about our people, working on projects to improve the life quality of our community.

Our products provide the best attributes for a health and wellness conscious market. At MCA, we are committed to offering the best business practices.


We ensure the best conditions for its natural growth to keep its benefits and its organic quality, becoming one of the main producers of Blue Agave in Mexico.

In our process, we follow high standards of biosecurity that guarantee traceability, safety and allow us to be approved by various certifications to meet global requirements.


We are committed to protect and preserve our environment, using green technologies, recycling materials and optimizing the use of resources in our production processes.


We work under the fair-trade standards by being part of an ethical, environmental and socially responsible trade.

We promote equality, transparency and respect where forced labor and child labor are prohibited; we also participate in solutions to improve the working and living conditions of our employees and their families by investing in projects that benefit the community.

Let us seek the commercial sustainability together to generate a better present and future! Creating a real social, economic, and environmental impact, where our businesses help people to build strong, resilient and sustainable communities.


We constantly innovate with our syrups to bring our customers competitive advantages that allow them to position themselves by offering healthier alternatives and increasing their opportunities for global competitiveness.

Our Syrup and Inulin are a strong trend in sweeteners and prebiotics thanks to their contribution of fiber and low glycemic index; these are part of many products that are consumed more and more every day.

We focus on attending and satisfying our clients current needs that require value proposals that adapt to new lifestyles